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Product Code : 24
Product Description


GEI CHEM (PCE 60) is India based product which are ready to use high range water reducing + slump retaining concrete admixture emanating from the state-of the-Art Polycarboxylate technology.

GEI CHEM (PCE 60) is new generation super plasticizer containing carboxylic (COOH) group instead of sulphonic (SO3H) as in case of Melamine or Naphthalene Formaldehyde Sulphonate.

Physical Properties:-




Pale yellowish to brown colored liquid

Solid Content (wt %)

50 ± 2%

pH (undiluted)

4.5 ± 0.5


Readily soluble in water

Specific Gravity

1.110 ± 0.02

Chloride Content (%)

Below 0.02 %

The power packed (COOH) moiety is absorbed on hydrating cement grain in much greater amount than conventional super plasticizer, resulting excellent fluidity and yielding a Rheoplastic & Self Compacting Concrete (SCC) at low water cement ratio.

Due to steric-hindrance effect imparted by ether-function hydrophilic chain attached to polymer, superior slump (workability) retention is achievable by use of GEI CHEM (PCE – 60)

GEI CHEM (PCE – 60) is compatible with all of PCE products. GEI CHEM (PCE – 60) is compatible with lingo base plasticizer. Do not use blending with SNF base plasticizer.

GEI CHEM (PCE – 60) has excellent retention performance, which improves water reducing abilities. We provide first rate products through continuous quality control and usage development.

Advantage: The advantage of GEI CHEM (PCE – 60) is as below,

  • High slump retaining ability.
  • Easy to use any cement grade.
  • Improve workability.
  • Produces cohesive and non-segregating concrete mixtures.
  • More than 30 % water reduction in high performance concrete.
  • Linear water reduction throughout the recommended dosage.
  • Faster recycle of formwork owing to accelerated early strength development.
  • Close textured fair faced smooth concrete.
  • Economical concrete design



0.3 to 1.2 kilograms/100 kilograms cementations material for most concrete mixes using typical concrete ingredients. However for silica fume concrete, the dosage may fall outside recommendation and site trials in case of critical workability and setting time parameters as per requisites to fix optimum dosage. To be mix with water and added to cement aggregate mixture.


GEI CHEM (PCE – 60) is available in 250kg HDPE Drum, IBC Tank, Flexi bag and ISO tank or based on client requirement.


Do not allow product to freeze or be stored in temperature below freezing. Do not mix GEI CHEM (PCE – 60) to any other products without pilot scale trial.